Digital Yakkha-Nepali-English Dictionary (Lexique Pro)

This is the first digital dictionary of the Yakkha language. It comprises roughly 2400 entries, collected between 2009 and 2012, mainly in Tumok (Nep.: Tamaphok) village, Sankhuwasawa district, East Nepal. The Yakkha entries and examples are written in Devanagari script, since the intended audience of this dictionary is the Yakkha community.

After downloading and installing, the dictionary can be searched and browsed for Yakkha, Nepali or English. One can also browse according to parts of speech and semantic categories (e.g. kinship terms, body parts, spatial orientation etc.).

I am grateful to Kamala Linkha, Manmaya Jimi, Magman Linkha and Mohan Khamyahang for their help, comments and suggestions. All remaining mistakes are my own.

The dictionary only runs on Windows systems. To run Lexique Pro under Mac OS or Linux, you need a Windows emulator. For more information on Lexique Pro, visit the Lexique Pro website.

DOWNLOAD HERE (23 MB, this might take some time if you have a slow internet connection)